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Founded in 1975 the Florida Advisory Committee on Arson Prevention is a non-profit organization developed for the sole purpose to wage a war against the ever-growing problem of arson and insurance fraud in the state of Florida.

FACAP is committed to the citizens of Florida through their dedication to arson awareness, legislation, legal issues, education and training.  This is evident through the numerous programs, sub-committees, training and legislative activities established to achieve the goals of FACAP. 

Its membership is made up of insurance company representatives, private fire and arson investigators, attorneys, and investigators and support personnel from the Bureau of Fire and Arson Investigations, Division of Florida’s State Fire Marshal’s Office in addition to Federal, County and City law enforcement officers throughout the state, fire service personnel throughout the state and others who are engaged, on a continuing basis, in the war against arson in Florida.



Arson has become one of the fastest growing and most neglected of serious crimes, increasing each year.  Arson is viewed by most as being a property crime.  However, arson is in fact a very violent and deadly crime and has been viewed too long as just a crime committed by the average homeowner or business owner looking for a way out of debt.  Hundreds of children and adults die or are injured as a result of arson or acts of terrorism each year.

The consumers of the State of Florida are directly affected by the crime of arson through loss of lives, higher insurance premiums, manpower expenses, taxes and other related expenditures used to fight the crime of arson and related activities.



FACAP’'S mission is to provide to the citizens of Florida the necessary tools to successfully fight the battle against arson through its dedication and commitment to provide the highest level of expert education, professional training, arson awareness, legislative oversight, legal review and evaluations on all matters related to arson, in addition to maintaining and providing for an Arson Rewards Program available to law enforcement and citizens alike.

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