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Since 1989, the Florida Advisory Committee on Arson Prevention has sponsored FACAP's Investigator of the Year Award to honor those individuals whose efforts have contributed to the suppression of arson in the State of Florida. Each year this award is presented to a member of a Fire Service Department or Law Enforcement Agency who has had an impact, through his or her fire investigation(s), arrests, and community services in combating the crime of arson.


1989  Scott Showalter  State Fire Marshal
1990  Gunter Kuehn  Indian River Fire Rescue
1991  Ted Nixon  Cape Coral Fire Rescue
          John Belcher  Palm Bay Fire Rescue
1992  Phil Roman  State Fire Marshal
1993  Mark Haddock  State Fire Marshal
1994  Doug York  State Fire Marshal
1995  Wayne Bates  ATF
1996  Joseph Rosato  Miami-Dade Police/Arson Squad
1997  Gloria Whitehurst  State Fire Marshal
1998  Ron McCardle  State Fire Marshal
1999  Joseph Steadman  State Fire Marshal
2000  Len Johnson  State Attorney Office-4th Circuit
2001  Kevin Shireman  State Fire Marshal
2002  Mike Oler  State Fire Marshal
2003  Chris Powell  State Fire Marshal


2004  Not Presented as hurricane cancelled seminar
2005  Juan Bailey  State Fire Marshal
2006  Christopher Scovotto  State Fire Marshal
2007  Thomas Barron  State Fire Marshal
2008  Kurt Lathrop  West Manatee Fire Rescue District
2009  George Holcolmb  State Fire Marshal
2010  Charles Toledo  State Fire Marshal
          Eduardo Blanco  State Fire Marshal
          Adam Rivero  State Fire Marshal
          Carlos Losada  Florida DIF
          Tim Smith  Miami Dade Police Dept
          Alfonso Najera  Miami Dade Police Dept
          Kevin Bonikowski  ATF, Miami Field Division
2011  Neil Zierden  State Fire Marshal
2012  Charles Toledo, Diana Lathrop, Laura Uriarte
2013  David O'Dell  State Fire  Marshal
2014  Anthony Mozealous State Fire Marshal
2015  Charles Toledo, State Fire Marshal


2016  Brock Dietz
2018  Jeff Batz

2019 Nicholas Incontrera - DIFS-BFAEI

2020 Shaun Byson - DIFS-BFAEI

2022 Jeff Clare

2024 Domenico Singleton

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