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The Ed Meshalko Distinguished Service Award is named after one of FACAP's original members, whose dedication and devotion to FACAP was never ending. You may recall seeing Ed at the annual case review meeting, handing out arson hotline cards, yearly calendars and doughnuts. Or you may have seen Ed at the scene of a large fire loss or woods fire, providing water and sandwiches to firefighters who needed the break and nourishment. You could always recognize Ed by his Ford pick up truck that was covered with FACAP Arson Reward bumper stickers and reward posters.


Ed was never asked to perform these tasks; he took them upon himself, always in an effort to promote and serve our organization. In summary, Ed was FACAP and FACAP was Ed.

Ed retired from FACAP only upon his death on August 25, 2003.

To be presented with the Ed Meshalko Award is a great honor and it is only presented to active members of FACAP whose dedication and service to FACAP and its membership reflects and warrants that of its original recipient and namesake.


1993  Ed Meshalko
1994  Janet Brown
1995  Ken Keebler
1996  Sandy Burnette
1997  Sharon Tipple
1998  Mary Fields
1999  Barbara Slawiak
2000  Jack Ward
2001  Mike Morgan
2002  Jerry Albrecht
2003  William Watson


2004  Richard Skorski
2005  Roger Dennis
2006  John Voelpel
2007  Mary Fields
2008  Jeff Merritt
2009  Ernie King
2010  Not Awarded
2011  Not Awarded
2012  Not Awarded
2013 Jim Haas

2014 Not Awarded


2015  Not Awarded

2016  Not Awarded

2017  Not Awarded

2018  Chris Porreca

2020 Aimee Nocero

          Todd Jameson

2021 Not Awarded

2022 Not Awarded

2023 Not Awarded

2024 William Collum

Aimee and Todd.jpg
2020  Award Winners-
Aimee Nocero & Todd Jameson
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