FACAP'S membership is made up of insurance company representatives,  Federal, State and Local law enforcement, fire service, private fire investigators, attorneys and others all who are engaged in combatting arson and insurance fraud throughout the State of Florida.      Membership Renewals are now Due!

 Corporate Members

Private Sector - $50.00

Insurance Company Employees, Private Insurance Defense Attorneys, Private Fire Investigators

Public Sector - $25.00

Fire Service, Law Enforcement, State Attorney's Office

Corporate Membership - $150.00

Corporate Membership included one free individual membership and posting on the FACAP website. 

Corporate Sponsor Member

One free membership is included with Corporate Membership.  The applicant must be eligible for membership pursuant to the FACAP Bylaws.  The individual must select  Corporate Sponsor Member after the Corporate Sponsorship has been submitted and Approved. 

Retire Membership - $5.00

Any individual who retires from employment which made the individual eligible for FACAP as a Regular Member and who is a member in good standing for at least three years is eligible for membership as a Retired Member.

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Mike Driscoll - Envista Forensics

Cinitia Chelles - Tamarac Fire

Melissa Sandness, ASA, Miami Dade