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The Florida Advisory Committee on Arson Prevention operates through the use of active Committees. These Committees are provided for under our Bylaws and play a vital role in our success. All members are encouraged to join and participate in the various committees. In fact, your involvement and ideas are the only way FACAP will grow and improve.  Please ask any board member for additional information or to request to serve on a specific committee..  


What you are viewing right now is the most important role of the Communications/Publicity Committee's function.  In today’s fast pace world of internet access, cell phones and text messaging, this committees job is a must. With the implementation of our new website, FACAP will be sending all meeting notices, meeting minutes and special notices to our membership using E-mail.  Also, this committee will actively be involved in maintaining our new Members Only section of the new website. That will include our chat room or bulletin board, photos and highlights of previous meetings and educational library. We need photographers, writers and people who like to work on the internet helping develop our website.  Another important role of this committee is in getting FACAPs message out to all those professionals in Florida who share in the common battle against Arson. Either through different publications, providing news interviews or attending community or professional meetings.

Chair: Ernie King - Vice Chair: Aimee Nocero Members: Karl Morgan, Josh Plummber


Education are a primary focus for FACAP. It is essential that those working in the profession are kept current of changes that affect the outcome of the investigation from the fire scene analysis to the courtroom. The Education/Technical Committee is responsible for the many different training programs presented by the Florida Advisory Committee on Arson Prevention during our regular scheduled membership meetings throughout the state in addition to our Annual Arson Seminar. Such training activities have include manufactured housing and  vehicle fire investigations, prosecutors seminars, cause & origin investigation through live burn demonstrations, juvenile fire-setters seminar and many others. The Committee also reviews and brings to the members at those same meetings, any updates and training on new Technical developments that have taken place with regarding to fire and arson investigations

Chair: Karl Morgan Vice Chair: Robbie Stephens - Members:


FACAPs Fire Service & Law Enforcement Committee is responsible for year-round coordination of information which can assist or enhance fire service and law enforcements anti-arson efforts.  This generally takes the form of the dissemination of anti-arson information to the various departments and agencies in Florida as well as assisting in the training provided by FACAP at General Membership meetings held around the state and at the annual Training Seminar held at the State Fire College. Whether its providing education to the various Law Enforcement Agencies and Fire Services throughout our state regarding FACAPs Arson Reward Program or implementing and overseeing the Scholarship Program for the Annual Seminar which allows different agencies and departments to send their members to the seminar without any cost, this committee is always on the go.  Another important role of FACAPs Fire Service & Law Enforcement Committee is the selection and recognition of FACAPs Arson Investigator of the Year Award. The crime of arson is one of the most difficult to bring to a jury. A successful Arson arrest and conviction is a demanding and time consuming job requiring dedication, training and professional skills on the part of the investigator involved. FACAP feels those attributes should be recognized so it created and sponsors an annual Arson Investigator of the Year Award. 

Chair: Karl Morgan Vice Chair: Karl Morgan - Members: Mike Adams, Robbie Stephens


The Insurance Committee is made of professional insurance representatives from major insurance carriers that provide auto, homeowners and commercial policies in Florida. Their primary objective is to identify insurance companies, industry organizations and others for the purpose of promoting FACAP, and provide continuing educational opportunities for insurance professionals as well as promote the benefits of corporate memberships and specific rewards for claims involving the crime of arson.

Chair: William Collum Vice Chair: Greg Gilkey - Members: Marie Atkinson, Kyle Herbert


The Legal Committee monitors recent trials involving arson, both criminal and civil, and brings any important events, rulings or case law, to the membership’s attention. This is done through the Legal Updates page.  Cases involving new and possible controversial rulings pertaining to expert witnesses, evidence and insurance policy contract issues, are high on their list of news to be passed on to our members. In addition to providing the actual case law or ruling, the Committee often provides a detailed explanation of the case involved and how the ruling may affect future cases our members may become involved in. The Legal Committee also provides the Board and Membership, with legal advice regarding FACAPs everyday business operations in addition to preparing and submitting on FACAPs behalf, any Brief of Amicus Curiae which may be called for.

Chair: William Collum Vice Chair Aimee Nocero - Members: Gina Smith


FACAPs Legislative Subcommittee monitors and reports on proposed legislation, administrative rule changes, or any other information relating to legislation coming from the Florida Insurance Council; the Office of Insurance Regulation (Department of Financial Services); Division of State Fire Marshal; the Division of Insurance Fraud; or any other State or Federal agencies which may impact the civil or criminal investigation and prevention of arson and insurance fraud. This includes attending committee or sub-committee meetings, hearings, etc., and alerting FACAP members to critical bills, resolutions, and rule changes. FACAP is not authorized to lobby, but its members may communicate as individuals or to alert their employers as to pertinent information which may positively or adversely affect the fight against arson and insurance fraud

Chair: Aimee Nocero, William Collum - Members: Gina Smith


The Membership Committee provides an important role by maintaining the current membership database, the notice and collection of annual dues, and the review and reporting of the qualifications for all new membership applicants to FACAPs Officers and Board for their approval as outlined in our Bylaws. This is an important role, one which provides for FACAPs growth, success and financial stability. 

Chair: Harvey Meshel Vice Chair: Mike Adams - Members: Kyle Herbert, Josh Plummer


The Rewards Committee is one of our most important and probably the one Committee with more of a direct impact than any other, with regard to our battle against arson. The objectives of the committee is to encourage citizens to come forward with information enabling law enforcement to arrest and convict those individuals responsible for committing arson and helping insurance companies to deter the expensive crime of Arson. It does this through the implementation of FACAPs three different Arson Reward Programs: The General Reward program, The Specific Reward Program and the Good Citizens Reward Program. All three programs require active participation of Committee Members to review and act upon the merits of any nomination by Law Enforcement or Fire Services personnel for an individual to receive a reward under the various programs. It requires a review of three different members, none of which can belong to the same profession or discipline (i.e. O & C, Law Enforcement, and Insurance). This requires numerous members as we must also be very aware of conflict of interest issues that are involved in any given review.

Chair: Bill Watson Vice Chair: Jim Haas - Members: Karl Morgan, Robby Stephens, Josh Plummer


The Seminar Committee is responsible for course selection, speaker selection and all activities for the annual seminar that is held in March of each year.  

Chair: Kevin Hays Vice Chair- Sky Dollar

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